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5 Ways to Make This a Bright Christmas

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The holiday seasons can be dreading sometimes because of constantly feeling the pressure of being happy while also dealing with the stress of everything else happening in our lives. To try to make this season a little bit more merrier, I came up easy-to-do ideas to make in your every day life to show some christmas spirit.

1. Go Christmas tree with the family/loved ones - Decorate with found objects: Stack logs in a low basket, cluster pinecones in a glass jar. Near the shore? Gather driftwood and starfish for a surprising tabletop or mantle display. Add warm twinkling LED string lights to set a festive mood.

2. 12 Days of Fitness - Staying active makes for less stress (and a few more cookies!) this time of year. Find time for fitness and friendship by designating squad goals: Take turns with friends choosing a different fitness class or activity to do together.

3. Give thanks - Make a gratitude tree using found tree limbs and twigs – bare or not. Arrange in a large vase or bowl, then tuck handwritten sentiments in the branches all season long (and invite guests to do the same).

4. Make a Personal Statement -Choose one standout holiday recipe – for eggnog, gingerbread cookies, crab dip, whatever – and then make it your signature dish. Bring it everywhere you’re invited to create your own delicious tradition.

5. Make a Christmas playlist - Music helps shape memories, instantly transporting you back to that time and place. so make a playlist of your best moments of this year. Play it whenever you need a motivational boost. 

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