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Men's Jewelry - It Isn't Just a "Trend."

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The next time you’re at your favorite department or jewelry store, pause and reflect on

the wide array of men’s fashionable wear. In recent times past (25-35 years ago) one would be

lucky to see more than a dozen styles of cuff links and twice as many watches in these retail

outlets. However, contemporary jewelry designers know full well that to neglect men is to miss

the ever growing demand among fashionably conscious males for fine jewelry.

Much like women, men today are revealing their respective identities to the world with

their fashion accessories, with more attention focused on quality jewels, bracelets, cufflinks, tie

pins, earrings, watches, rings necklaces, and yes, even belt buckles. In fact, historically speaking,

men have always adorned themselves with jewelry with the exception of an approximate two-

hundred year gap. Men have been reborn and have no qualms about matching a ring and a

necklace, wearing a brooch, or even sporting a fashionable bracelet.

The fashion industry is witnessing a huge uptick in men’s fashionables, easily eclipsing

that of women’s by a full percentage point. That translates into a lot of money. Fact is, men’s

sales are expected to reach some 500 billion by 2019 since jewelry is increasingly becoming

more gender neutral. Furthermore, the idea that men’s jewelry is relegated to effeminate males is

losing traction as younger men enter the market. Add that to the fact that masculine jewelry

remains a hot buy worldwide.

One of the clues as it concerns the increased acceptance of fashionable men’s jewelry

concerns age. The affinity for fine watches, rings, earrings, bracelets and more is not just for the

young, but rather includes men of all generations. One jeweler in Colorado is selling the same

belt buckle to teenagers and retirees alike – at a modest $20,000 a clip.

The demand for men’s fashion wear is not going away like other passing fads in the

fashion industry. Like men of yesteryear when jewelry made a fashion statement, present-day

men have picked up on the desire to make themselves known and are spending a considerable

amount of money in doing so. From gold cigar cutters and earrings to watches and necklaces,

males are more than ever before attuned to their desire to mix it up with females with their

jewelry preferences. If you haven’t yet noticed, you will soon enough.

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