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Ways to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

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It's Women's Equality Day! Many American women were granted the right to vote 96 years ago, thanks to the 19th Amendment. This day is a celebration for how far we've come, but also how far we still need to overcome. In 1971, Congress declared August 26 Women's Equality Day and 45 years later, we are fighting for gender equality. Whether we are an advocates for wage gape, access to healthcare, or the ballot box, we have a long way to go so here are some inspirations on how you can celebrate this special day.

So this weekend, I hope you will join us in celebrating Women’s Equality Day by getting ready for the upcoming election. Here are five things you can do right now:

1. Register to Vote. Act now!

2.  Write a Thank You Letter to Influential Woman in Your Life.  Be honest and heartfelt because a few words of gratitude go a long way.

3. Support a Local Business Owned a Black Woman. August is also Black Business Month! You can support by shopping in your local city or online. There are several online directories to help locate black-owned shops.

4. Mentor a Young Girl. There are plenty of local mentorship and after-school programs that already exist. Become a positive influence in a young girl's life and help provide her with the guidance and support that could make all the difference.

5. Express a Social Issue on Social Media That Matters to You. From Twitter to 
Facebook or Instagram, social media can be an effective tool to help enact social change. The scale of online communities makes it possible to join a global conversation like gender inequality, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment.

More than ever, we need to continue to show the world how strong women truly are. Women's Equality Day is an opportunity to do that. We have to continue fighting against unfair wages, domestic violence, under-representation in politics and gender bias in the workplace

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