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Let Amethyst Change Your Life

Amethyst is on top of our list for must-have stones this month! Amethyst has a high energy field that clears the auras, chakras, and purifies the individual and removes any negative energy allowing them to move forward in life and into a high state of consciousness.Amethyst benefits: Helps in meditation and dream workEnhances psychic abilities and [...]

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Valentines Day Gift Guide 1: Pair Jewelry With Another Gift

Your lucky Valentine is sure to gush over whatever piece of jewelry you choose, but adding another gift multiplies the love. Try a more creative addition to your jewelry gift. Here are some other gifts that pair well with the jewelry you select: A jewelry box. Any purchase with Oravo Jewelry comes with a a designer [...]

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The Birthstone of January: Gorgeous Garnets

The birthstone of January is Garnet and it holds a powerful significance. The garnet ranges from transparent to opaque with red tones all across the color spectrum. Red garnet is striking when set with white gold or platinum items. History of GarnetThe word "garnet" originated from "gernet" in the 14th Century Middle English. It stood for [...]

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5 Ways to Make This a Bright Christmas

The holiday seasons can be dreading sometimes because of constantly feeling the pressure of being happy while also dealing with the stress of everything else happening in our lives. To try to make this season a little bit more merrier, I came up easy-to-do ideas to make in your every day life to show some [...]

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Behind the Scenes: Fall in LA

Fall and Winter are our favorite seasons for fashion and jewelry. We originally wanted a white winter land theme but being based in Los Angeles makes that extremely difficult. Lucky for us, we had perfect LA weather during our shoot in the heart of Fashion District, Downtown. We were lucky enough to work with a [...]

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Must Have Jewelry Trends 2017

The most important accessory for fall 2017 is a big, bold piece of statement jewelry. Color is rampant in fall fashion, particularly in greens, amber, and navy. It is fun to mix and match bold and big statements pieces for contrast. Instead of layering and stacking and piling on gemstones in multiple colors, stick to [...]

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Get Involved for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"Think Before You Pink"Share the news! Help us spread awareness about Breast Cancer.Go PINK during the month of October! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we need YOUR help to spread awareness, educate others, and make a difference in women’s lives who are currently battling breast cancer.Our top tips for ways you can help [...]

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4 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2017

TODAY IS OFFICIALLY THE FIRST DAY OF FALL! We waited all year long to showcase our favorite fall season jewelry trends to help you say fashionable all season long.Gold JewelryGold Jewelry will always be in style especially when its fall season and it matches our fall wardrobe. Our favorite accessory on gold items are that [...]

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Labor Day Sale 2017

Labor Day is right around the corner.It is a special day in which we celebrate the American workers who have made the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Labor Day first occurred on September 5 in 1882 in New York City. It has quickly spread and now we have a national holiday which is [...]

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Pretty in Peridot

It's our favorite time of the month. Peridot is a must-have gemstone collection whether you were born in August or not. Peridot is considered a timeless gem which has been celebrated since the early Egyptian's got their hands on it. Til this day, the pretty stone remains as the country's national gem. Cleopatra cherished this [...]

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