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Valentines Day Gift Guide 1: Pair Jewelry With Another Gift

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Your lucky Valentine is sure to gush over whatever piece of jewelry you choose, but adding another gift multiplies the love. Try a more creative addition to your jewelry gift. Here are some other gifts that pair well with the jewelry you select:

  • A jewelry box. Any purchase with Oravo Jewelry comes with a a designer gift box. You also have the option to personalize a gift box and you can choose from something unique like a carved-wooden box to really wow her! 

  • Somewhere to wear it. She has her new jewelry. Give her a place to wear it. Slip in tickets to a concert featuring her favorite band. If you really want to make an impression, plan a weekend getaway, and wrap the jewelry with the itinerary or plane tickets.

  • A matching outfit. If you know your sweetie’s size and taste in clothing, why not pair the new jewelry with a new outfit? While you’re at it, plan a romantic date where she can show off her new items.

  • A love letter. As silly as it may sound, almost any woman will love a heartfelt gift from their significant other. Pour your heart out in a handwritten love letter. Share your favorite memories of her, how you felt when you met, how you feel about her now or anything else you want to share. If you really want to earn points with your sweetheart, make her a scrapbook of your favorite memories together. This sentimental gift is sure to be a favorite.

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