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Best Jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is full of drunken festivities, but it is also one of the most looked forward to event of giving gifts. Through the years, every St. Patrick's Day celebration is filled with four leaf clover jewelry pieces, shamrock accessories, or any green tone gemstones. 

There is no better way to symbolize St. Patrick's Day than a Peridot clover dangle drop earring. A clover is a symbol of good luck for most Irish people. If you know someone who needs a bit of good luck and is known to be classy and sophisticated with his or her fashion choices, this fancy earrings would be the perfect gift. 

Green is the best color for this special occasion. Green is important and stands out because when St. Patrick went to the country of Ireland to introduce Christianity to the Celtic people, he used a shamrock to help them understand the Trinity. Another perfect gift to rock some St Patrick's Day accessories like this statement bracelet.

Have a touch of the Celtic tradition then stick to this silver metal Emerald necklace. This piece is a simple accessory to be added to your outfit but will also stand out. It has a strong Celtic pride with the design and the bright green color is dazzling. It can be worn through out the whole year mixed and matched with other jewelry but it will also commemorate Irelands sentimental history.

Now for all the lovers out there, if you are getting married or celebrating an engagement or anniversary during this time, why not choose a ring that reminds you of this great event? This beautiful ring is subtle yet romantic with a four clover leaf centered in the middle. This ring is different, unique, and sentimental. Your ring won't be just a symbol of your union together, but ti will also be a symbol of good luck for you and your marriage. 

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