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Oravo Halloween Jewelry Collection 2018

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Halloween gets fabulous this year with Oravo's collection which includes some styling animal designs and glamorous fall gemstones  And not just for October 31st, wear these awesome pieces anytime you want.

Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Fox Pendant Necklace Cognac Color

Its sly look and curious eyes are highly detailed, and a handcut cabochon tail made of translucent golden cognac colored Genuine Baltic Amber is the ideal touch.


Baltic Amber Waffle Pattern Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver Multiple Color

Genuine Baltic Amber, Multiple Colors - Dark Red, Cherry Red, Dark Cognac, Light Cognac and Honey Yellow, 50 pieces.


Baltic Amber Tree Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Multiple Color 

Genuine Baltic Amber, Rich Cognac Color, 5 pieces. Pendant: 6.00 grams pure 925 sterling silver, Includes 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklace


Baltic Amber Owl Gold-Tone Sterling Silver Bolo Adjustable Bracelet

An owl-inspired bolo bracelet is always a wise choice, especially when it's made with genuine Baltic amber.


Baltic Amber Owl Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Multiple Color 

Genuine Baltic Amber, Rich Cognac Color, owl shape. Pendant: 4.00 grams pure 925 sterling silver, Includes 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain


Baltic Amber Star Leaf Ring Multiple Color Sterling Silver

Genuine Baltic Amber, 3 pieces, Multiple Colors - Cherry Red, Olive Green and Rich Cognac, Ring: 2.30 grams pure 925 sterling silver.


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