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Jewelry Guide for Coachella 2018

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oachella Weekend 1 just passed and the next weekend will be another fun and eventful event. Undeniably, Coachella isn't only about the music, but it is also about the fashion and jewelry Instagram-worthy Instagram posts. You will see your feed filled with bohemian and hippie-inspired style ranging from fringes but what we love to keep an eye on is the unique jewelry paired with the outfits. 

Here are our top jewelry favorites that you can mix and match with any outfit.

Jewelry can make or break any outfit and it seems to be the most important piece during festival season. Accessories are the frosting on the cake. This season is filled with body jewelry and earth tone jewels.

Such a simple statement but it is definitely over looked. Earrings are a big trend for Coachella and they are the statement pieces. Stud earrings from bold colors and patterns are all very popular at the moment. Don't be afraid to turn heads! Large earrings like the one pictured below are much-needed flair to any outfit.

Necklaces are the heart of Coachella jewelry trends. Whether you choose a long or short length chain, you can't go wrong with a good pendant. Pendants are a great way to infuse an outfit to showcase your personality. Whats popular this year is choosing a cresent moon, animals, or any neutral gemstones. 

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