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The Correlation Between Gemstones and Zodiac Signs

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The correlation between gemstones and a person’s zodiac sign is a powerful one. When used correctly, gemstones 

can add immeasurable benefits to your mental and emotional health.

Stones like Clear Quartz and Agate can have bring increased mental clarity to all zodiac signs. Alexandrite when 

used by a Scorpio or Gemini increases feelings of courage and self esteem.

Onyx can offer support in difficult times to a Capricorn or a Leo. For the Aries, Gemini, or Pisces about to go on a 

ong journey, Aquamarine can offer protection and safe passage. The Sapphire offers protection to the Virgo, and the 

Amethyst offers protection to the Aquarius and the Capricorn.

The right gemstones can provide more than just protection, however. Rubies increase empathy and kindness in 

Aries, Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Scorpio signs, and the Garnet can help ease depression and loneliness in the 

Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, and Virgo.

For the Aries or Pisces, Jade increases harmony in stressful situations, and can be ideal when conflict arises in the 

home or in significant relationships. Gold holds an important use for the Leo, increasing both wealth and creativity for 

this zodiac sign.

The most specific gemstone, however, is the Moonstone. The Moonstone represents the Divine Feminism and 

therefore only affects the females under the zodiac signs of Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio. This special stone 

encourages these signs to look deep within themselves and uncover their inner strengths and wisdom. The Divine 

Feminism offers inspiration and intuition to those who know how to use it. The next time you wear a gemstone, see 

how it makes you feel. There may more to it than you think!

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