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What to Wear: Everyday Silver

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When it comes to every day jewelry, silver is one of the best options for multitude of reasons. Silver pieces are budget-friendly and it is a fraction of what you would pay for gold or platinum. You'll get the most bling for your buck by buying silver items and without skimping on your fabulous style. Since it's cheaper to set gemstones in silver, this is the perfect metal for showcasing more expensive stones. 

Silver matches everything! From basic black to neon pink, there isn't a color silver won't beautifully compliment. It's also highly reflective and bounces light. Silver jewelry is a great addition to your wardrobe because you'll be getting maximum sparkle with the minimum effort.

Lastly, it is delicate yet durable. Don't let the look of dainty silver pieces deter you. Sterling silver is a hard metal that will stand the test of time. Silver items are 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy which makes it durable enough for daily wear. It can also be easily filed and polished by jewelers and repair costs for silver are extremely cheaper and economical.

Here are our top picks for silver pieces. Happy silver shopping!

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